Tips to become a great urban photographer

Urban photography is the aspect of photography that focuses on capturing the buildings and landscape of the inner-city environment as the main subject. It does not include people, unlike street photography. Here are tips for great urban photography:

Shoot scenes in black and white

Shooting urban scenes in black and white helps to give your photos more mood and impact, particularly when you are dealing with the impact of shadows and light and tonal ranges. It also gives your photos more flexibility. You can use this technique to create contrast and vibrancy in your photos; however, there is no foolproof way. You have to go through some trials and errors before you find what works for you and the scene.

Use filters

Filters give urban photos a lot of impacts. There are different types of filter systems you can get, just ensure you get the right one. When it comes to filters, what you pay for is what you get: high-end brands equal high-end results and vice versa. Besides, if you want to take vast images including landscapes, cityscapes, long-exposure photography, etc., you should invest in high-end brands. With good filters, you can create amazing images and long exposure. For instance, you can create a sharp picture of a static building, clouds in motion, water appearing as milk, and people being blurred.

Use the right camera and lenses

No photography venture goes well if you are using the wrong camera and lenses. Invest in a camera that has an excellent body frame, is stylish, can work for days, and take sharp pictures. Also, you need a good wide lens for shooting architecture and urban photography. The wide-angle lens enables you to go into the composition as much as you want, focus on the details you want to highlight, and create abstract patterns. You can read about photography stores in the UK on to know the right camera and lenses to use as well as where to buy them.

Shoot familiar scenes from unfamiliar angles

Urban photography provides you with many options to be as creative with shooting pictures from creative angles as much as you want. This explains why you can create multiple, different and amazing images of the same building. You can approach a popular location and shoot it in a fresh direction. This is one of the secrets of celebrity urban photographers. If you look deep enough, there are always new and interesting angles to shoot a familiar scene. Such creative images will help you stand out from the crowd.

Learn how to be better

Urban photography is not a static field of human endeavor; as such, you can’t afford to be static as well. The more you learn about it, the better your works are. Enter urban photography competitions to learn how to do better. Your work will be critiqued and ranked. Also, since these competitions are judged by experts, you will be getting honest and insightful feedback which you can work on to improve yourself. Also, be open-minded. You can’t learn if you are not open-minded. Besides, some of the photos that are judged the best were shot unplanned for. If you aren’t open-minded, you’ll miss such opportunities.

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