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Black and Grey Tattoo Style Features and Specifics

Black and Grey is a style that involves the use of black and gray shadows tattoos. Such tattoos are always trendy, as they look sophisticated, restrained, and sometimes mysterious. The main reason for their popularity is that these types of tattoos can point to the great taste of the owner and the deep meaning of… Continue reading

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Tips to become a great urban photographer

Urban photography is the aspect of photography that focuses on capturing the buildings and landscape of the inner-city environment as the main subject. It does not include people, unlike street photography. Here are tips for great urban photography: Shoot scenes … Continue reading

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3 Tips For Photographing Big Family Groups

Some of the most common photos you’ll be asked to take as a photographer are family photos. Especially around the holidays or other times when big groups are known for getting together after long times apart, many people want to … Continue reading

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